Friday, January 29, 2010

Snapshot Friday!

Alright, this week's edition of Snapshot Friday is going to be a bit different.  I'm going a bit personal with it.  However, as both pictures are more than 20 years old, they officially fit the definition of vintage.  So, yeah. And please excuse the awkward cropping, I figured no one else had to be embarrassed along with me. 

This is how I want to feel.

This is how I actually feel.
(You should feel privileged, this is one of the worst pictures of me.  Ever.  I've never shown anyone...until now.)  
I look like some sort of jabroni saying (in a strong NY or Jersey accent) "OH! Whattaya doin?  Don't be takin' my picture!"

Yeah, long story short- surgery sucks!  Now, if you'll excuse me.  I'm off to take some wonderful pills and watch The Golden Girls.  Man, I love those mean ol' ladies!  (That reminds me- tune in tomorrow to see my latest etsy purchase.  I'll give you a hint- it has to do with The Golden Girls.)


Giggly said...

Oooh! Did you get something from Miss Maggie??

I love these pics of you, especially the bottom one. :)

Sam said...

Surgery? Eeek! I hope you feel tip-top and dandy soon, chickey!

Mrs. Evils said...

Freaking love the last one! Nothing better than surly kid pics. I wish I had some of my old ones...time to raid mom's house! What's up with the surgery? Hopefully you got some good meds. I just got the first season of Vega$ from netflix and will spend the weekend reliving the 70's.

MafiosaGrrl said...

Thank you for your nice comments on my silly post.

Giggly- you got that right, Maggie is awesome! I'm saving my pennies so that I can get some more from her :)

Sam- I'm starting to feel better thank you, luckily my hubby is taking good care of me but i can't wait to eat real food!

Mrs. Evils- old pics are so fun to go through. and yeah, despite the flowered dress and pearls my mom tried to disguise me in, my true colors are starting to show :) I wish we had netflix, my hubby refuses to cave in to my demands, he stubborn about the weirdest things?!
I had surgery on my jaw, it sucks. I'm a fat girl who can't eat :(