Tuesday, January 19, 2010


So, I've mentioned my roommate, Jamaal, right?

And how every time he comes around hilarity ensues, right?

Well, did I tell you he and his co-workers have a blog?  I didn't think so.

What do they blog about?


These are some of my favorites by him.

What else would a little ninja eat?

The only way football could be any better!

Oh, and they take submissions!  If you have a newspaper and some sharpies lying around, I suggest try to make a ninja.  Then, submit it to them!

For more awesome ninja action, check out


Virg said...

The boy and I spent an hour on this site. Simply genius. Love it. :-D

MafiosaGrrl said...

Yeah, they are pretty awesome! You should really consider submitting something- I'm sure there are all sorts of ninjas hiding in your daily news :) Which was your fav?