Monday, January 11, 2010

Workspace Weekend.

This weekend I took the time to organize up my workspace, it was pretty terrible.  I hate working on stuff in a messy, cramped area so things have been pretty stagnant in the creativity department lately.   As one of my goals for 2010 is to stop coming up with new ideas and follow through with the millions I already have, I needed to clean up the place and get to work.  Want to see?  Yeah, I thought so.

So, here it is looking like crap messy.  Honestly, this is actually pretty good.  It's usually much worse, but the chances of me actually posting that are slim to none.

Then after several hours of blood (stabbed myself once), sweat (forgot to turn off the heater before I started hauling stuff around) and tears (little mementos of my kitty, Princess Franki) the beast that is the supply closet was cleaned up and organized.

I actually have table space again.

Stuff.  Those albums are where I store my ATCs and Postcrossing stuff.

I made those shelves back in May, 2009.  They were some up-cycled boxes that I originally used in a project for a sculpture class.  I just painted them, added some oil cloth and made little cherries in the corner with felt and buttons.

My fabric stash, except for a tiny bit in the closet.  This  section is also known as where I keep the nice baskets my cats love to scratch.

However, if you move anything to get to the actual fabric, this automatically happens-

The rest of my half of the room and the beast of a closet.  That's the little desk that ol' Bessie lives in.

 The artwork in my sewing corner.  The kitty is Princess Franki.

My ribbon rack.  I should say, the ribbon I have that fits onto this rack because there is a ton more.  I have a huge problem with decorative trim.  This rack was originally a spice rack that I bought for less than a buck, then cleaned up and painted.

Now that the closet is clean, I can see this sexiness again.  For those of you who aren't already aware of my Bobby D addiction, he is my man.

Awesome cart action.  I love this thing!  Since it has most of my painting stuff on or in it, I can roll it to wherever in the house I am painting and have a surface to set my water and brushes on.  Oh yeah.

Inside the closet aka a bunch of stuff.  I know it just looks piled up, but compared to what it was, it's wonderful.

Mmmmm, paint!  Much better than before, no?

Later this week I'll post pictures of the inspiration board by my workspace.  It's full of great little bits.

Thanks for looking at where I make my stuff.  Hopefully, it wasn't too boring for you.  Have a craftastic day! 


Sam said...

I love looking at people's creative workspaces. Yours looks very cool. I'm very impressed that you managed to sort all your stuff out -- whenever I start to do that I get distracted and just end up moving things around and not actually tidying up! And yep, I can't leave piles of fabric out in the open for fear of a cathairfest developing on top of the pile.

Mrs. Evils said...

I spent all last weekend organizing and throwing shit weekend is my craft room/office/barbie depository. Holy crap I'm breaking out in a cold sweat just thinking about it.
Yay for clean spaces! Yours looks marvelous!

Laurie Anne said...

You have a great workspace! The creativity must just FLOW in that room :)
I left you a little something on my blog xx

MafiosaGrrl said...

Thank you for your comments ladies! It seems to be that time of year for re-organizing, I guess. It's not 100% yet, but I can live with it now.

Sam- Yeah, I usually end up with the rotating piles when I'm cleaning, but I was determined this time. I was going crazy spending too much time looking for one silly thing!

Mrs. Evils- good luck in the barbie graveyard, you should take pictures. Because of the stuff you make I'm sure your crafty piles are awesome, I'm picturing random barbie heads and limbs :)

Laurie Anne- It does, but I'm hoping that this makes it flow a little better. I was getting pretty bored there for awhile. Thank you so much for the award (it's my first!!!) I'll post about it this week and pass it along :)

threadstar said...

Hi! Thanks for stoppin by and your thoughtful comments! I am following your beautiful blog and I see you are moving toward the discovery of your gift. You are organizing, focusing your work, and really connecting with people bringing joy into their lives. I think of joy, influence,and communication and we haven't even met so your vibes are strong grrl!! have a message, keep on following your path as you are's wonderful! I love the postcards it is a fun project but thoughtful and it has depth...bravo!!! threadstar

The Sewing Dork said...

Um, can you come over and kick my butt to get organized now??

MafiosaGrrl said...

Thank you threadstar for your kind words. I think it's crazy that sometimes, something comes along and tells you exactly what you need to hear, when you need to hear it.

Sewing Dork- lol, it took me a long time to just bite the bullet and do it. You'll be happier once it's done though, maybe :)