Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Guess I should have made this a "Words on Wednesday" post, but you guys have waited long enough for me.

As promised, this is the quote I'm stitching techni-color dream style for my shop.  I laugh pretty much every time I think of it.
The lighting is a bit off since it's late here.  So, in case you can't read it well it says, "It's hard to stay sucker free in the land of the lollipops."  My guy and I were watching a prison documentary, one of those terrible "behind bars" type reality shows on MSNBC or Discovery when I heard this.  (And this is why I watch TV with my notebook.)  The interviewer asked an old pimp how he ended up in prison and that was his response.  I couldn't help but think it was hilarious and terrible, all at the same time.  Pretty much classic.

Yeah, I guess I'm pretty ridiculous for stitching the wisdom of a crazy ol' pimp, but seriously.... I love this quote.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Oh, Geez!

My goodness, it's certainly been a while.  Far too long in between posts lately.  I promise I didn't forget about you guys, I've just been busy.  I know that's a pretty lame excuse considering that some of the best bloggers out there wear a million hats at once.  Add to that feeling a bit down, and it doesn't leave much motivation for blogging.  However, there are a ton of things to share with you.

Here's one!
A new listing in my etsy.  Reminds me that I really need to get a copy of #TheWizardofOz.

 I've been making a ton of stuff for my etsy, including some more "paper doll" pieces.  As soon as I can get a good picture of it, I'll share here and list it.

Besides stitchy stuff there is lots of other interesting stuff going on in my life.  I'm on the hunt for a new job and a new roomie.  I still have my current job, I'm just looking to move on.  As for the roomie, that's kind of a long story.  It's not working out with the current one at all, she's pretty much a joke.  After her black-out drunk incident that ruined my super nice Calphalon counter-top grill and filled my entire house with thick smoke....at 3 in the morning, we could no longer tolerate her stupidity.  It never ceases to amaze me just how far some people can go on empty.  Anyways, change is in the wind.

Enough about that business, here's a happy looking preview of something I'm adding to my shop.
A new hankie for my shop.
Intrigued?!  I'll share the rest with you tomorrow.  It's a hilarious quote that I will probably never forget.

Bye for now!  I promise from now on I won't make you wait weeks in between posts.  Pinky swear.  Have a craftastic night, lovies!