Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Guess I should have made this a "Words on Wednesday" post, but you guys have waited long enough for me.

As promised, this is the quote I'm stitching techni-color dream style for my shop.  I laugh pretty much every time I think of it.
The lighting is a bit off since it's late here.  So, in case you can't read it well it says, "It's hard to stay sucker free in the land of the lollipops."  My guy and I were watching a prison documentary, one of those terrible "behind bars" type reality shows on MSNBC or Discovery when I heard this.  (And this is why I watch TV with my notebook.)  The interviewer asked an old pimp how he ended up in prison and that was his response.  I couldn't help but think it was hilarious and terrible, all at the same time.  Pretty much classic.

Yeah, I guess I'm pretty ridiculous for stitching the wisdom of a crazy ol' pimp, but seriously.... I love this quote.


Jenny said...

That's a great quote. I watch lots of documentaries and haven't come across that one. Maybe I just need to keep my notebook handy.

Regena said...

that is excellent!

MafiosaGrrl said...

@ Jenny- Definitely! You never know when you're going to hear something awesome.

@ Regena- Thanks! It makes me smile every time I think of it.