Monday, January 16, 2012

Mushroom Love

After making some for my wreath, I couldn't resist making a bunch more.  I made ten of these little ornaments for my tree.  However, this photo was the last time they were all together.  After seeing them, our friend insisted on buying half of them for his family.  It was a tough decision, letting them go, but he won me over with his incredibly sentimental and touching story about how much they would mean to his family.  I was incredibly shocked that something I was just making for fun for myself was actually selling.
Since I love them and what I have left of these are all packed up for the year, I'm going to make a few more for my craft room. As I type this, I have a few stems drying.  Hey, ornaments aren't just for Christmas!  Like I mentioned before, I adapted a tutorial from Hannah's Blog.  Since I changed a few things, I'm going to take progress shots to share with you guys.  That way you can see a different way of doing it, as well as see some little tips that helped me along the way. 

Bye!  Have a craftastic evening.  I'll check in soon with some pretty ladies, more mushroom love, and a glimpse into my newest obsession.