Saturday, March 31, 2012


When we got home from our vacation I was happy to ignore the mess we left by packing last minute and just snuggle for a while.  Nothing like coming home to all this love.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Snapshot Friday!

Since it's Friday, I know most of you are winding down and getting ready to have a fun weekend.  Like these guys...
I hope you have a great one!  For me, it's my Monday.  Blah.  Oh well, I can still put a smile on my face- thanks to this photo.

P.S.  Um, yeah.  Loving the shorts with the suit coat.  Or do you think they're laughing because he's partying so hard he lost his pants?  Don't get so wild that you lose your pants this weekend.

I'm Back!!!!

After a long, unplanned, unannounced, and unwelcome hiatus, I'm back.  Not a moment too soon, huh?! I seriously can't believe it's been over two months since I blogged, what a jerk! For a moment, I even considered just deleting the whole thing all together.  I didn't want to be too rash though.  A lot has happened, I'll tell you all about it.  Just as soon as I follow up with these mushrooms I promised...oh so long ago.

The ones I made for my Christmas wreath were yarn wrapped.  Since that's in the tutorial link, I'll spare you the reiteration. However, I will say that I had the best results when I glued the yarn from the bottom to the top. (Meaning, flip it over so that you are gluing from the stem up.)  While making those, I felt that the mushies had so much potential for personalization.  So I had to experiment, typical me.

First up, stake out your corks.  Hannah used empty spools, but I figured I could use painted corks.  Waste not, want not.  Right?  I drove pins through a piece of foam to hold the corks in place.  It helps you paint them quickly while keeping your fingers clean.  These ones are the bulbous end of Champagne corks.  I used the flared side on the Christmas ones, a little cuter that way but these work.

Then cut your styrofoam balls in half, I used the two inch size.  Go slowly or the styrofoam wants to break apart unevenly, I used an old bread knife.  

Next, cut your fabric.  You'll need two circles for each mushroom.  One large and one small.  Cut the larger piece just big enough to wrap around the styrofoam, with it being secured along the bottom edge.  Cut the smaller one to diameter of the styrofoam cap.

I cut slits along the edge of the top piece to help it fold under nicely.  I used hot glue but I sure you could use something else.  I just have no patience for drying time.  With that being said, too much hot glue will cause the styrofoam to melt a bit and smell funky.  I worked near a window for that part.

Once you have all the tabs glued down, add your smaller circle with tiny dabs of glue.  I found this method to work best.  If you cut the top circle to cover the entire underside, it's very bulky and looks sloppy.

Glue on your stem.  Admire your cute mushrooms!  At least one will turned into a silly pencil topper, you know, since I'm really five years old on the inside.  Then I'll still have about ten of these guys, so I'm thinking garland with the rest.  I don't know yet. 
To make them hanging I'm going to sew tiny strips of matching fabric.  Insert a flat head straight pin in one end, bring the other end of the strip around to the pin and cover it.  Sew in a loop, shove the pin in the cap.  Boom, hanging ornament.  I'm sure you could do the same thing with a piece of embroidery floss that's been knotted.  That would show the pin though, which wont matter if you're hanging it up high.  I think I want mine to line my desk though.

Anyways, super easy and really cute!  Great project for recycling and fabric scraps, too.  (Just in case you are wondering what they look like with felt, don't bother! ICKY!  The material was way to thick for this size of mushroom, it may have potential for large ones though.)

Geez, long enough post for?!  Told you guys, I'm back.  Long-winded, silly, sacrcastic me, coming at ya!  And don't worry, I haven't forgotten about "Snapshot Friday" after all this time.