Friday, January 22, 2010

Snapshot Friday!

Sorry for my lack of posts.  I'm feeling a bit under the weather at the moment.  However, I couldn't let you guys miss out on this installment of Snapshot Friday!

(Click on the image to enlarge.)

These folks must be the cool kids on the block because more than one of them looks a bit confident.  I especially love the sunglasses the lady sitting at the picnic table is wearing.  It seems to me that she's the boss here, and these other gals help her run the show. 


Virg said...

Feel better!

Sam said...

They do look super-confident, don't they! In high school, they were the kids that scared me :-)

I hope you feel better soon, chickey. xoxo

Lisa Leggett said...

Oh yeah, she's definitely the boss, applesauce. Good call.

Hope you feel better in a jiff, being sick is a drag. Oh hey, I meant to tell you a couple days ago, super nice work on the Haiti piece, that metallic floss is a boog, so I can appreciate how much you've got into that piece so far. Can't wait to see the updates.

Take care!

MafiosaGrrl said...

Thank you guys for your nice comments. they were just the pick me up that I needed this morning:)

Giggly said...

I don't think I have ever seen people in old pics looking so confident. Funny. You always have the best vintage snapshots. :)

Hope you get to feeling yourself again real soon, I am feeling pretty crappy myself today. :( I guess that's to be expected after a week of non-stop rain.

MafiosaGrrl said...

Aren't they funny? That one chick definatley looks like a Mafiosagrrl...she's running shit 'round there.

I'm feeling better now and going to make up for lack of productivity by crafting ang blogging a bunch today.

Get well soon! Take it easy and cuddle with your loves in front of a great movie... the goonies is a great rainy day, sick day movie!