Friday, May 7, 2010

Snapshot Friday!

Ok, kiddos, you know what time it is.  Ready for it?  Today I have some more poorly stored, badly mistreated art class refugees that took in.

This makes me want a pair of Saddle Shoes.  I already have cat eye glasses.  I might as well just finish off the look.

I like to imagine these are the same two gals later in life, still laughing it up together.  But instead of finding humor at a classmate's expense now they just laugh at their significant others.

Thanks for looking!  Have a craftastic weekend.


artymess said...

Wonder if they are sitting together in some old peoples home now .....hope they are still friends Mum had a pair of cat eye glasses bue pair and pink pair ....x

Anonymous said...

Hey! I love your blog! I added you to my sidebar and put you in the drawing for the apron! Thanks for entering!
xo, calmity kim

MafiosaGrrl said...

Lorna- I hope so! Holy cow, I need some colored cat eyes, that you rock my socks off. If i was wealthy I would totally be like Whoopi Goldberg and have a different pair of glasses for every outfit I had!

Kim- Wow, thank you so much! Coming from you it's quite a compliment. Before I started blogging, I was a lurker and your site was one of the first that I started reading and got me into this whole thing. Thanks again for the chance to win, I love your work!!