Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A 12-Pack of 6-Packs.

Ok, so just because I live in California does not mean that I surf all day.  Or that I'm super tan.  Or that I lounge around looking svelte, with 6-pack Abs.  My lack of 6-pack Abs may or may not have something to do with my love of 6-packs.

I made some pocket sized notebooks with old beer packaging and some random paper I had lying around.
Dillon has been doing a lot of small one minute sketches lately and I figured these would be perfect.  Plus, I always like to have paper to write on- you know me and my quotes.  

I like that they aren't too special.  That way we can doodle, be rough with them, lose them.  All of that good stuff and not feel like we are wasting our fancy schmancy journals that we've actually paid big bucks for.

Like I said, it was random paper.  Way random.  Some of them have pink pages, some have green.  I spruced up the inside covers just a wee bit so they aren't so ugly to look at.  Besides scrapbook paper, I used some of the marbleized paper that we made awhile back.

After I was sick of the pink and green, I used some white unlined index cards for a few of them. Perfect for ink washes and watercolors.  Who knows, even a bit of collage perhaps.  Maybe I'll turn one of those ones into a mini art journal.

Yeah, just another crazy craft I made with my trash.  Just doing my part to help Mother Earth.  Man, I love when garbage transforms into greatness.  Made anything "trashy" lately? 

Thanks for looking, go make something great!


Anonymous said...

What!?! You don't surf all day? you don't have perma tan? no six pack!? But....I thought....

I love your trash talk and crafts! xo

MafiosaGrrl said...

Thanks, Laurie Anne! i know, the image you had of me is just ruined now...

TheresainMS said...

Well, there goes my imagined image of you haha I hardly ever drink and I STILL don't have 6-pack abs. Never had 'em, never will LOL! These tiny journals are so cute; I keep paper to write on everywhere I turn around at work and at home. You never know when inspiration (or necessity) will strike. You should put some of those on Etsy; I bet they'd sell fast. Have a great weekend!!

june at noon said...

I love little notebooks! It's always nice to have some handy for just those reasons. I like the idea of using index cards, too, so they can be watercolored. Inspiring!

MafiosaGrrl said...

Thanks guys! The index ones have a nice weight to them...and a lot cheaper than bristol paper. what can I say, i'm thrifty, lol.

@Theresa- I'd love to sell more upcycled stuff, however, these one's are far from perfected. I'm going to experiment with another way of making them with the next batch. Hopefully, those ones turn out a little bit better.