Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I'm not sure if I told you guys or not, but I joined Swap-bot.  As a crafty gal and a mail enthusiast, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to join a group of like-minded people.  Check it out, I would be willing to bet there is a swap or two that will catch your eye.

I signed up for my first swap too, an embroidery swap with a fairy tale theme.  And even though send-outs are over two weeks away, I already received my package from the talented Snifferooski in Ohio.

Isn't it darling?  I love the tassels she made by putting the knot on the front.  I'm going to paint a frame to go with it.  Can't wait to show you when it's up on the wall.

It's exciting to get a little something a person with a totally different style than your own.  I never would have interpreted it this way, which is why I love it so much.

Now for my piece, to show or not to show?? 
I'm 99% sure that my partner doesn't read my blog but I'm still torn as to what to do.  I've already decided I will not be showing personal swap stuff on here until after my partner has received it.  (Sorry, Sam.)  But what about Swap-bot stuff, is there a protocol?  Since you don't know who your partner is, does it matter?  What do you think?  Help!

Thanks for looking, I hope that you all have a creative day.  I'm off to be productive...hopefully.


Nicky said...

This little piece is SO cute. How fun to be involved in a swap too! I just joined an international craft exchange and sent and received a goodie already. If you wanna join let me know. You make one craft, and get a bunch back (you have to find 6 people who wanna do it too!) SO RAD to get crafts in the mail :)

Happy Tuesday!

Giggly said...

I totally thought you were already a Swap-Bot. :D What a cute embroidery you received!

MafiosaGrrl said...

Thanks guys, I do love it so.

Nicky- Welcome, thanks for reading. Swapping is the bestest! Would love to do something like that someday. I'm up to my elbows in personal swaps right now, stitching my fingers to the bone :)

Shannon- Yep, totally a swap-bot! And a craft-bot, a paint-bot, a femme-bot...too many bots to name here!

Sam said...

I think the rules at Swap-bot is that if your partner is far away, say in Australia, you have to show it on your blog ;-)

MafiosaGrrl said...

ha ha, nice try. i don't think so sam....you would know what it was the second you saw it. although, i think i'm perfectly comfortable with torturing you with a series of teasers that hopefully don't give away what movies i chose.