Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Day Late and a Dollar Short.

Hello, folks.  
Today has been the craziest day.  I know, I promised a tutorial today...however, unforeseen events have delayed that.  I wanted to check in, so that you didn't think that I forgot about you guys.  I'll be sure to post it tomorrow.  I swear.

Perhaps it's that the inspiration for this upcoming piece and the tutorial has changed... drastically.  I'm hoping that there was a reason for this madness.  I'm hoping he chopped it for a good cause, like soaking up oil in the Gulf.  (Did you know you could do that?  Yeah, you can.)  

I'll be honest, I'm still upset a few days later.

Willie, why?

When I first took this photo (a few weeks ago) it was to show that I get inspiration from stuff I just have around the house.  Like records.  I also took photos of a few other records that have inspired embroidery pieces that I'm working on.
I love Jim Croce.  
So freakin much.  
You really have no idea.  
I sing his songs literally everyday.  
No joke.
RIP Jim.

And just to show you that not all records are old.
Yeah, I have a COUP embroidery piece in the works.
Yep, one for Pam and one for Boots.
They are the shit.
No joke.

Ok, so really.  Tune in tomorrow for a tutorial on how to embroider braids.  Hopefully, by then I will be over Willie chopping off his.  Damn, Willie...

Have a good night!

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