Saturday, May 8, 2010


Last weekend the boy and I were walking the dog around our neighborhood and the college campus nearby.  On a whim I picked up the school newspaper.  Later back at home, Dillon was reading bits and pieces of it when he casually asked if I had seen the police blotter.  I knew it had to be something good because while I was reading it he just sat there staring at me with a strange little smirk on his face.  

When I got to the very end and read what I'm about to show you I flipped out.  I started laughing so uncontrollably hard that I almost fell off of my chair.  Soon tears were streaming down my face.   I was laughing that hard.  It was so great, in fact, that even after I calmed down the laughter would start again just thinking about it.  Ahhhh, it totally made my day.

It's the "Please Pass the Macaroni" Flier that I found!  Remember?!  I hope that you find it as hilarious as I did.

Thanks for looking, I'll be back later with some swappy goodness.

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