Sunday, October 18, 2009

A wise man once said....

This is my entry for the Good Cause Challenge on Craftster, highlighting Domestic Violence Awareness.  There are some amazing pieces , so be sure to go give props to all of my fellow crafters.  The other good cause was Breast Cancer Awareness.  I had a piece planned for that but I didn't get it done, I'm a naughty stitcher.  I'm still going to stitch it up, it's a lovely quote from Abraham Lincoln.
I wanted to stay away from something too personal for this challenge.  It's not that I can't put myself out there, I'm just trying to take a positive approach to all aspects of my life.  I didn't want to look at this challenge as an opportunity to dwell on something from my past.  Anyone that knows me will tell you that I bitch about all sorts of things enough, no one needs to give me a reason, ha ha.  I wanted to take it as an opportunity to bring attention to a problem in every community.  It's not just about domestic violence but violence in general.  It's a problem that affects more than just the victim and the oppressor, and it doesn't just stay in the home.  It's not a personal problem, but a community problem.  I think Martin Luther King, Jr's quote speaks to the heart of the issue.  Once people understand this basic concept we can start to address the issue of domestic violence.

(swear it's not crooked, I just can't take pictures!)

I might end up tinting it because I hate the lapels on his jacket.  And that might make them less noticeable?  However, I've never done that after the stitching was completed so I don't know how it would work out.  Any opinions for either way?     Is it just me being neurotic?  Dillon would say yes :)

Hope I didn't come off as too preachy, it's just a subject I feel strongly about.


Virg said...

Thought provoking quote - I'll have to ponder it a little more. I don't know if you've heard of restorative justice? It sounds inline with your thoughts- the criminal meets with the victim and community members to find ways to repair the damage that was done. I learned about it as an indigenious practice in New Zealand and it seemed like a really good idea.

Regarding the stitching, I was immediately taken back- the face is incredible. And I think you might be right on the torso. The shapes are solid, but it looks like there's a strong light source coming from the left on the face, and then there's no shading on the suite. It definitely accentuates the face, but I would love to see some more shading in the jacket/tie area. Just another thought to add to your tint/no tint debate. ;-)

MafiosaGrrl said...

Thank you! I've never heard of restorative justice, I don't know anything about it. I appreciate the heads up, I'll def. check out that link. It seems like an awesome concept if all involved parties are willing to make it work.

I like your thoughts on the jacket. Shading it would be a great idea! I was thinking about using a fill stitch to color it in, shading would make that even better. It does look a bit unfinished as it is now.