Friday, October 16, 2009

Snapshot Friday!

Buenos Tardes!  Alright kiddies, time for this week's installment of vintage photo fun.  Btw, I'll do this every week on Fridays from now on.  Perfect excuse to buy more photos.  (Not that we need an excuse to go thrifting 'round here.) 
Snapshot Friday was born on a vacation when Dillon announced that it was our duty to take as many pictures as possible. We passed the camera around our group of friends all day and Dillon was happy to remind us, quite loudly at times, if we slacked on our picture taking.  So onward our family tradition marches.  I give you Snapshot Friday!

As promised, Uncle Jack the writer.  Of all my old timey photos, this is by far my favorite.
(Remember to click on the pictures if you want to see them bigger!)

One night we were discussing who this cheerful looking guy might have been.  We determined that Jack here was named for Jack London.  A reporter by day and budding detective novelist by night, he's ever the happy optimist.  For some reason I find a lot of inspiration in this guy, so he lives in a little frame right above the workbench where I do my crafting.

 I think this gem here is a classic goodie too.  No one looks good in it...awkward.  I also scanned the back.  Someone, I'm thinking Grandma, was nice enough to document the moment with comments.
It says:
Sept. 16 1954
This was a surprise picture.  Janie didn't have her hair back.  That's Janie Ann George myself + kiddies oldest one Larry then Bob, Anne Marie + Tom.

I think it's freaking hilarious that her biggest concern is that Janie didn't have her hair back!?  Got to nitpick, even in the caption.  Apparently it didn't bother her that she was caught adjusting her bra or that everyone has their eyes closed.  Or even that little Anne Marie is picking her nose?  Awesome.  Do be sure to check out the nice car in the driveway!

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