Thursday, October 22, 2009


I always have more than one project going at a time.  That way I don't get too burnt out or obsess too much over one particular thing.  I'll admit sometimes I'm bad about it.  I've cast aside a project or two for longer than I should have, but I always go back to them.  I love having a fresh perspective on an old project.
I thought I'd share the inspiration for a new embroidery project I'm starting.  It'll get added to the 3 others I'm working on right now (and to hundreds of items on my to-do list.)

Like almost everything else, I thrifted this book years ago.  I love the ultra 70s coloration and typography, mainly because it doesn't fit the mental image I have of the Capone days- at all.  Maybe I've watched The Untouchables a few too many times (wait, not possible)  but I just don't think "bright" when I think of Prohibition Era gangsters.  I'd like to reproduce it with these colors, just because it looks silly to me.
And talk about riding on the coat-tails of others, "The New Bestseller from the Publisher of THE GODFATHER".  They could come up with anything better than, hey we've published other good books!?

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