Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Embroidered Card

I have a whole bunch of rub-on decals just wasting away in a drawer, lonely.  So this weekend I decided to show them some love.  I whipped up this card to send to my grandparents back East.

(Gratuitous kitten shot, just because she happened to be sleeping on the desk where I was working)

This was my first time making an embroidered greeting card.
I love the results, but I would certainly change a few things next time.  As always, I just launched right into it without thinking.  I wasn't really careful about where I was punching the holes, so it's a bit wonky in places.  My love of pretty fonts backfired here too.  I need to pick one that's easier to read.  Even if I think it's "ugly" for typing, I'm sure it'll translate nicer in stitches.  Oh and I did it straight onto the card, so I had to add paper inside to cover the stitching.  I did this by folding a piece in half and sewing it onto the center of the card.  I like this part but probably won't to again because it was really hard not to wrinkle the card when I was turning it all over the place for the lettering.

A great learning experience and I'm ready to make more!  I think I'll take advantage of the upcoming holiday season for that.  (And I do mean upcoming even though most stores think it's already Christmas time...assholes!)  Ok, Halloween is right around the corner but I'm already crafting for that, silly!

For those of you who already embroider on paper, any advice for the newbie?


Virg said...

My first embroidered card was a pain in the ass, but had a certain crack quality that got me wanting more. :-)

-The holes can be a little further away and its still okay. I was trying for little stitches at first, which was a pain in the ass and unnecessary asthetically.
-Use a compass or an actual tool to punch the holes. I was using a sewing pin- which did not make my fingers happy.
-I recommend stitchng on some cardstock and then glueing it to the card. I use the old draw, poke, erase then stitch method.

MafiosaGrrl said...

Thanks for the advice! A compass is a great idea, I was using a pin too and it wasn't quite matching up with the width of the floss. Further apart would be better too, in someparts I worried they would rip and just become one big one. Yeah I'm certainly gluing next time, I think it'll look better in the end.