Friday, October 30, 2009

Trick or Treat!

It's Snapshot Friday again and this week's installment is:

Fun with Costumes!!
(aka Yay for Halloween!!)

(Remember to click to see them larger)

These gems also came from the infamous communal collage box in my Art Class.  I love that the same lady is in both, although I can't tell which came first.  These folks look like they are having a great time!  Afterall, she does have a drink both pictures.  The back is stamped 1975.

And just for giggles, I'll take you back to the days of my youth.  I was in 1st grade and had told my Mom I wanted to be a sugar plum fairy.  So she made me a costume, I'm the blondie.

 Ahh, 1990.  Looking at all of the costumes in this one really takes me back.

 My Mom rocks!  I still remember her handing me a pair of Keds, a bunch of paint and a bag of "jewels" and telling me to make my fairy shoes.  Hmmmm, perhaps I get my craftiness from her, no?

I hope everyone out there has fun rockin' their costume this year.  Be sure to have great (safe) holiday weekend.  I'm off to pick out my pumpkin and carve that baby up- the pumpkin, not a real baby!  Oh, and drink lots of apple cider and consume massive amounts of cookies.  Man, I love holidays.


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