Thursday, October 15, 2009

His and Hers

I'm always bugging Dillon to be creative with me.  We've taking enough art classes together that I know the man can hold a paint brush or manipulate some charcoal.  Plus, I've got so many supplies that a few projects here and there wouldn't even add a dent to the piles.  Alas, he never does.  It's understandable though, he's busy and probably tired.

However, I was  happy to hear him say, "I'll make one too," when I announced I was going to go make ATCs the other night.  (Even if he was picking the smallest possible thing, just to be able to say, "See, I do stuff with you," it was still cute.)


It's a robo-dog.  Robots are his thing.  And since I could never give his away, I made him one so we could trade.

I wanted to reflect his style of being a kid at heart.  Honestly though, sometimes it is like living with a 7 year old boy.  Well, a pair of them because we have a roommate too :)  The robots on here are fabric scraps from his favorite boxers that were shredded in the dryer shortly after purchase.  He loved them so much, he even showed them to the tattoo artist who designed our robot tattoos for inspiration, lol.

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