Thursday, October 15, 2009

More littles.

I love, love, love the fall!!  For this guy, I used some vintage trim from my stash.  I'm not entirely happy with the color I made it with some pastels, but I'll get over it.  I miss living on the east coast where there are 4 definitive seasons.  Here, where I live in CA, fall and winter blend together in one big rainy mess.  Rain is lovely, but Fall is better!  Mmmm, I can't wait for Thanksgiving.
One night while using our silly voices and playing Wii, we decided bowling should have been called and possibly was back in the day, Tumbley Pins.  Yes, we're idiots.  Do we care? No.
I miss my rockin' Jem doll from the days of my youth.  With her pink and silver hair and white fishnets.  I mean, her earrings lit up for goodness sakes, how in the world could I have parted with that?  Hopefully, ebay has one that doesn't cost a fortune.
Incorporating, lovely rice paper from Mel the Green Giraffe in Australia.  I like how this one came out with the beads.
I wish I had love letters!  So, do these ladies here.
More of that vintage lace I've been loving so much lately.

Some of these are available.  Interested?  Find me on Flickr!

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