Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mail Fix.

The other day I mentioned my mail obsession.  Well, to keep this good thing going requires I have a healthy intake of stamps on a regular basis.  When I was out and about last week I picked up a little Christmas present for myself.  The man working the counter the day I purchased these became visibly upset when I asked for 10 cent stamps.  He said, "Don't have 'em!"  To which I replied, "Oh ok, like your particular drawer/ mail center is out of them or the post office in general doesn't make 10 cent stamps?"  He just repeated himself, which didn't really clear anything up for me.  However, it was Monday during the week of Christmas so rather than experience a total meltdown from the guy and possibly "line rage" from my fellow customers I admitted defeat and walked out with 5 cent stamps.

Little lovelies about to settle into their new home in my address book.

The mention of little lovelies brings to mind some ATCs that I've received but not yet shared with you guys.

The first, Diamonds, comes from brendagrace in Australia.

Hardly as pretty as in real life.  I used this photo to capture the shimmer in the corner, can you see it?  Since Dillon picked this card I'm going to frame it for his desk, as a friend for another vintage lady that already lives there.

Lady at the Opera comes from mrsb007 in Illinois.

mmmm, texture.

Thank you ladies for your gorgeous cards.

P.S.- Ol' Bessie update!
I took her into the doctor and she's going to be ok.  Jim at Parkside Sewing (is the best!) had her purring within seconds.  He took one look and said "Oh!  No biggie, it's just threaded wrong."  Now I feel a little less guilty about the cheap thread I had in there.  I spent 15 minutes and learned a wealth of information.  I'm going to schedule a lesson with him and pretty soon I'll be a sewing guru (according to Jim.)  Maybe I'll be able to snag a few photos of my new hero and his shop, it's very quaint.  It has the most awesome wall of old school aviation photos and memorabilia (his mother in law was a airplane pilot in the 1930s!  Yes, I only spent 15 minutes in there and know this.)

Much better, no?

A big thumbs up to Jim at Parkside Sewing!