Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Slow Poke.

Lately, I've been a slow poke about creating and posting stuff.  However, I'm bound and determined to change that.  I have more than enough projects on my to-do list that I shouldn't have to be wondering, "What should I do?"  I need to start crossing things off that list!

These are a few ATCs that I made up last week.

Crawl Through The Muck.
Newspaper, wax, vintage lace, and paper clipping on Bristol.

Din Din
Junk mail, decorative paper, beads and metal charm on Bristol.

A Perfect Pair
Soft pastels, beads and paper clipping on Bristol.
Little Sumpin'
Beer label, cigar ring, paper clippings, and glitter on Bristol.

I have to get going in the ATC department if I'm going to have my submissions ready in time for the exhibit happening in Vancouver.  Check it out!  You should join in the fun too.


Anonymous said...

Cool I've checked it out and I am going to join this ..........better get stitchin,....Lorna (artymess)( sorry still don't know how to post this so will still say anonymous says ....)

MafiosaGrrl said...

yay, I'm glad that you are joining in the fun. Can't wait to see what you make :)

artymess said...

Yikes I have only till 28th FEB which means that I will have to make them tonight and get them in the post tomorrow......i don't know what a 9 card clear sleeve is tho'..........Lorna

MafiosaGrrl said...

a 9 card sleeve is like the size of a standard 8.5 x 11 piece of paper with pockets for the cards. They are made for binders, for storing baseball cards and such.

artymess said...

ah thanks have to try and find some tomorrow ....I guess I could make one ......three ATC's made six to go ....Lorna

artymess said...

hi I have made 6 ATC now and managed to get a 9 card sleeve in local 'Forbidden planet' so when i have done 9 will post them on my NEW blog ...He he ....