Saturday, February 6, 2010

Awesome Surprise.

So, I like my fabric like I like my produce.  In huge piles and by the pound.  
I went to a thrift store like this a while back and picked up a huge pile of light colored cotton and muslin pieces for embroidery.  They've long been washed and stowed away.  However, as it is officially Embroidery Month I've been inspired to plot out some projects and put down some patterns.

I pulled out a piece and started ironing away.
What's this...a pillow case?  I thought to myself.

Nope.  It's an actual flour sack!!  I'm sure all my stitchy peeps know what I'm talking about.  Old school flour sacks are the best material to stitch on!  Super strong but yet nice and soft.  I was so pumped when I realized what I had.  Yes, I am that nerdy.
And it's huge!  The man humored me by holding it up for a photo op.

I figured it deserved something equally as huge.
 The new Alice pattern from Sew Lovely Embroidery.  I had such anxiety about ironing this thing, I swear.  I used my brain though and pinned the thing down.  I've never taken on a project this large and detailed before but I figured there's no better time like the present.  Plus, the man said I should start it before the movie comes out and I look like one of "those" people.


Sam said...

Oooh, what a find!!!! I can't wait to see your Alice when she's all stitched up!

AlwaysInspired said...

I too can't wait to see this all stitched up! Flour sacks are wonderful for stitching!

Kira said...

This is going to turn out amazing... Lol "'those' people". Cracks me up :)

Lisa Leggett said...

Wowness! Grrrl, you got your work cut out for you! That's a great project. Seriously, something you don't even have to think that much about, you can just pick it up and start stitching when ever you have some time. I currently have too many small projects going and it's getting to my nerves because I feel so scattered. A nice big project like this seems like heaven right now.

Keep us updated, I cant wait to see it!

I joined the name/town embroidery thingamajig you posted about last week, yay! Thanks for sharing. But see... that's another small thing I've gotta get completed. Ah well, it's still winter, I've got time!


MafiosaGrrl said...

thanks guys for your lovely comments! I've gotten started on my piece and will share some pics in the next few days. I'll probably end up working on stuff in between as I've seemed to develop a short attention span when it comes to my crafting :(

Lisa- I'm the same way with tons of little stuff happening at once and it bugs me sometimes and other times I love it because you can't get too burnt out on one thing.
I was happy when giggly posted about the stitch project again. I mentioned it and participated a long time ago but never took a picture of my piece as I was so rushed to get it in the mail. Nicole has a pic of it on her flickr- mine is the green one that says Jackson 5 (of course, lol) can't wait to see what yours looks like!