Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Just a Buck!

So, since they totally overplay it, I'm sure most of you guys who are in the US have seen the stupid McDonald's commercial about the best dollar ever spent.  I assure you that despite the fact that I am a chubby gal, you will never, ever hear me say the best dollar I've ever spent was on a cheeseburger.  That much I can promise.
For a while I thought that the best dollar I ever spent was on this:
Don't let the 19 cent price tag fool you.  I did pay a buck.  I love thrift stores.

That was until recently.  

When I saw this little sketchbook:
Yes, 80's lovers, this junk glittery madness is back.  I'll be honest, as a former Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper owner, I couldn't resist it.  (And yes, I did buy the kitten one too.)

However, it's official!  This is the best dollar I've ever spent!

Yep, another thrifted gem.  And super sharp too!!


Anonymous said...

WOW! any one of those things is a treasure...especially for a dollar! LOVE the sparkly notebook :)

Giggly said...

Fantastic dollar finds!

I am a Burger King Gal (Yeah, I'm gross) I used to always get the dollar Whopper. :) LOL

Lisa Leggett said...

Ha! Trapper Keeper... ah, sweet, sweet memories. Mine was a dark green and a picture of a mama and baby horse. Come to think of it, I'm not really sure why... I love horses (but fear them) but never was especially "in" to horses... mystery for the ages, I guess.

Anyway, great finds! Those are all definitely worth a buck! Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

Mrs. Evils said...

I can not resist jamming a cheeseburger in my cheeseburger locker. I also can't pass up the dollar sweet tea, which is just the best thing ever.
I wish I had more time/energy to go thrifting. I spend too much time trying to catch up on my sleep.

MafiosaGrrl said...

Don't get me wrong, I eat my fair share of cheeseburgers. Although not as many as Phil Collins or Randy, Mrs. Evils ;)
My hubby and I probably go thrifting way to often to be honest, but we use the excuse that we find great stuff.
I was surprised to see soooo much Lisa Frank stuff at target, I had forgotten about all of that. Now, if they are going to bring that crap back why the hell can't they roll out some trapper keepers. Ok, actually our society doesn't need anymore disposable junk but a small part of me does think those thing rocked, lol.

schinders said...

first, loving your blog. second i have an admission: every time i go to buy floss, when i'm not buying for a specific project, i get home and find i've bought purple, turquoise, and hot pink flosses in different weights and textures. child of the 80's much?

MafiosaGrrl said...

Well thank you, welcome. I'm the same way when it comes to floss, for some reason I'm always attracted to certain colors. I have about 6 of the same chartreuse green because I buy one all of the time. i definitely have a regular palette of colors that I use.