Saturday, February 13, 2010

New in my Shop.

Truth be told, I have a ton of things to put in my etsy but actually photographing them (well) and uploading them had been a slow process for me.  I need to stay focused!  A big chunk (not THE big Chunk) will be dedicated to getting my shop in order...YAY!!

I recently stitched up some baby hats.  In my attempt to make the photos a bit more interesting, I used props.  Yes, a stuffed monkey is the closest thing we have, in size, to the real deal.  My goal was a close up head shot with maybe a bit of the flower and fabric in the background, out of focus, but in the frame.  Sort of like this, but not so washed out.

However, as soon as I started to take pictures, this happened-
After taking the time to stop and enjoy the flowers, Boris starting attacking poor George.  (All of our pets have jealousy issues.)  So rather than run the risk of my stuff getting ruined or dirty, I resorted to just photographing them by themselves.

Based on the size and one experiment with an actual baby, I think that these are for newborns or very small infants.

This one is my makes me think of crayons!


So, tell me what you think.  Are these worth the time and effort, yes or no?  Is it better with the props or without?  I think I'm going to try the next round of these with a robot instead.  It just seems more me!  Is this something that people even buy for newborns?  I don't have kids, so I'm a bit clueless when it comes to wardrobe choices made by parents these days.  Basically, I make things that I think would cute.  Whether or not they actually are remains to be seen, lol.  I'll be taking custom orders too, just in case my saying are super lame.

  I appreciate your feedback.  Remember-questions, comments, and rude remarks are always welcome.  So don't hold back! 

Thanks for looking.  I hope that you are enjoying a lovely weekend.


Giggly said...


Sam said...

I'd quite like one of the hats for myself :-)

Mrs. Evils said...

dang, I thought I commented before, but maybe not.
I'm childless myself, but I think people with kids go crazy for this kind of thing. My only suggestion would be to maybe not use real buttons as parents these days are all worried about "choking hazards." In the seventies they just gave us whatever lead toys were laying around to play with. And you could smoke in hospitals.

MafiosaGrrl said...

Thanks guys!

Sam, I'll have to keep an eye out for some adult ones!

Mrs Evils, yeah, if only it was the good ol' days still... I thought about the whole button thing. I decided that these are sooo freakin' small that an actual baby this size is the kind that can't do anything except lay there and cry so no risk of getting the hat off and near their mouth... I hope. I think I will stitch a button next time or on bibs cause it would probably look cuter that way!

artymess said...

these are cute i can talk with authority I have 4 kids although they are all grown up now eldest was always in cute hats and he still wears hats now ...........not cute ones though.....I love the phrase cute as a button.....i prefer seeing them on monkey props though .......i think perhaps you ought to make one for Boris and that may help his jealosy issues .......Lorna

Diana Meade said...

Very cute. I like the props best. And who can blame Boris. It is an opportunity to do something you don't want him to do. If you wanted to take his photo, that would be another story. I like all the sayings. Very sweet.

MafiosaGrrl said...

Thank you Lorna and Diana. I was hoping that I wasn't the only one who liked the silly sayings :) As for Boris, I think i am going to make him a tie. Chunk too, he's had them in the past and loved them. Plus, its just plain awesome to look at a cat with a tie. If I could have two like that I would be in heaven!

Awestruck Angie said...

Woman! I love these! I totally want to purchase one for Logan.

MafiosaGrrl said...

Thank you! I can make you a custom one if you wanted or a bib... These are super small I don't know what age group they go up to... we tried it on a 4 month old and they didn't fir him but he did have a giant head so... yeah I dunno, lol