Sunday, February 21, 2010

Neglectful Nancy...

I've been a Neglectful Nancy... but I'm back with little lovelies to show you!

Ante Up
Paper clippings, netting, and game pieces on Bristol.
Maybe I shouldn't have put the best one first, as the rest won't quite live up to her.  But come on, with a Sailor Jerry girl, how could I resist?

Soft pastels, paper clippings and buttons on Bristol.
I don't fear clowns but if I did I'm sure the one on the Jo Jo label would make me pee myself if I saw it in real life.  That is a pretty scary looking clown.  Coincidentally, I just watched a Gacy documentary and want to see more of his crappy clown paintings...

Ballerina in Space
Soft pastels, paper clippings, gemstones, eyelash yarn and Sparkle Mod Podge on Bristol.
I used a few scraps of the marbleized paper we made a while back for the round shapes.

Paper clippings, fiber paper, and button on Bristol.

Dressed to Kill

Barbie dress, netting, decorative paper and metallic embroidery floss on Bristol.
I think this one might need a little something more, not sure yet...

Red Carpet
Watercolors, acrylic, paper clippings, cotton, and Sparkle Mod Podge on Bristol.
I had a lot of fun making her "fur"  for this one!

Thanks for looking!  
Remember- questions, comments, and rude remarks are always welcome around here.


AlwaysInspired said...

I'd love to trade you for Ante up or Red Carpet if you are interested! Check out my flickr available folder to see what I have.
Oh, and the clown one scares me!

Sam said...

I have to agree about the clown, I feel a little uneasy about him! But I love your work :-) especially the ballerina in space one. Great colours!

MafiosaGrrl said...


Always- I would love to trade with you! I'll check out your set :)

Sam- it was originally going to be a mardi gras one, the background is gold, green and purple. but somehow it turned into that, lol.