Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Book on Love.

I had been wanting to make an art journal for a while now after seeing some fabulous how-to videos from Artiste Nouveau.  I'm sure you guys remember her from my list of happy blogs a little bit back.  I have plenty of journals and sketchbooks but I wanted something that I made all by myself.  I have a slight obsession with paper goods and stationary items so that also fueled the fire on this one.

It began with a bit of drunken midnight crafting.

So, here it is, The Book on Love.

Most of you will recognize the pattern from the Sublime Stitching Craft Pad.  I stitched it up on vintage pink linen that I snagged while thrifting.  I loved working with this fabric.  Due to the loose weave the floss just slid through it so nicely.  But it wasn't so loose that it pulled out or the tension got all wonky.  I even stitched it up without a hoop, which was new for me.  Because it was so easy to stitch on I used lots of metallic floss and kept all six strands for a majority of the floss.

I will eventually paint the title on it when I decide the exact wording.  I'm not 100% sold on The Book on Love yet, although that will be the themes for my entries.

Little charms on the spine.

I tried couching!  Although, I had originally picked a purple floss to go over the top.  However, I was in the zone with stitching that I grabbed the bobbin next to it, the yellow, and just went to town.  I didn't even notice until I was almost done with it.  Isn't it funny that how sometimes you can just get so wrapped up in something that you are staring at it but not even really seeing it?  Or maybe I just don't pay attention...  I'll have to think more about that one.

The inside covers both match.
As you can see, I used black paper for the signature.  I used a bit of vintage gingham ribbon to hide the little space between the decorative paper cover and the signature.  Nothing matches 100% but most of it goes together with all of the pinks.  I had originally intended to make it a monthly journal this one would have been February, so I think I had girly valentine stuff on my mind.  That's also why I made it with 28 pages... but as I didn't actually start it working in it on the 1st of the month.  So yeah... I digress.

I attached the spine and back cover fabric with Mod Podge.  I was out of Matte so I just went with Gloss.  Unfortunately, I didn't consider how much it would change the color of the linen.

You can see the difference in these shots.
In progress, before attaching the front cover with the Mod Podge.  (I figured, screw it, they should match on both sides.)

Crazy different, huh?  I'm not so happy with the way the Mod Podge pooled up around the beads and some of the edges of the stitching.  However, I'm not going to dwell on it.  And I'm happy with the total piece overall so that's all that matters.  A plus is that it made it super strong!  The covers are very rigid and the stitching is ultra protected, so I don't have to worry about it getting destroyed over time as I work in it.  I probably can't journal about love every day so I wanted it to be tough enough.  This baby will outlast me.  In fact, a friend was over this weekend and she happened to pick it up while we were in my studio.  She yelled, "HOLY CRAP!  This thing is crazy...it's probably strong enough to be used as a deadly weapon!"  As it looked all dainty she was a bit surprised.  I took it as a good sign that I had been successful with my first handmade art journal.

Thanks for looking and taking the time to read my ultra long post today.  I'll share pics of some pages soon.  Have a craftastic day!


Lisa Leggett said...

Completely awesome! I think every aspect of your book is totally rad! Outstanding job, and on your first try too, kudos stitchy sister, kudos!

MafiosaGrrl said...

thank you Lisa, that is so sweet of you.

Mod Podge Amy said...

So cute! I love it.

MafiosaGrrl said...

Thank you Amy! Ain't too shabby for my first one :)