Monday, June 20, 2011


Hey there, folks!  Today's Public Service Announcement is brought to you by the letter, S!  S stands for Sunblock.  Remember to use it if you are roughly the color of paper.  Trust me when I say, it's a lovely shade of red.  This photo really doesn't do it justice.

Other than sitting around being burnt, I'll be stitching.  I have today off and will be taking full advantage of it.  It's my last before 7 work days in a row and I'm tired just thinking about it.  I don't have much desire to move at all today.  If you need me, you can find me here. 

I made those pillows with the fabric I got when I was duped by Ikea, remember?  I realized I had never shown them to you.  They were super easy and quick to make, thanks to my honey.  I had some complicated design in mind that was intimidating me quite a bit.  There were multiple pieces of fabric, all different sizes....zippers, I was out of my league.   Then the guy spoke up and offered up an easy solution, what would I do without him?!
One piece construction and the pillows slip right in.  I think it took longer to iron the edges than it did to sew these babies up.  

I adore this fabric!  The only problem is, I can't decide which little section I like better.  The goats or the mountain man?  I have a few swatches left and I can't wait to turn them into little stitchy pieces.

Well, I'm off to the couch, with embroidery supplies in hand.  The guy finally saw the light about Netflix- Hello, streaming SVU! Aww yeah.  Nerding out for the rest of the afternoon, bye!


The Relaxolotl said...

I love the fabric for the pillows! I almost got those for my ikea pillows but Fix nixed the colorfulness...

Lisa said...

Oh daaang, Jackson, that looks painful!!! Is that what you did this weekend? Same thing happens to me. I'm also roughly the color of paper. Being a white girl ain't all peaches & cream, baby! Hope you had a nice (read: air conditioned) day on the couch, my love. Dig those pillows too! I think I vote for the mountain side :o)

lisa said...

p.s. your hair looks super cute like that :o)

AlwaysInspired said...

Oh why do we always forget the sunblock! I'm sitting her toasted as well. Have a great day stitching and take care of that burn!

thestoryofkat said...

sounds like a great day! netflix streaming and embroidery go hand in hand for me to the extent that I call the xbox the "netflix machine" which causes bouts of eye-rolling from my husband.

Love that fabric though and glad I found you through the flickr embroidery groups!

Becky said...

I have one word.


MafiosaGrrl said...

Relaxototl- Ha, exact opposite here. Everything in our house is crazy colorful. p.s. what's your name, love? I'm always worried I'm spelling Relaxototl wrong, lol

Lisa- I'm going with my gut and choosing mountain, too! I just love the ridiculous scale of that section. Thanks, I've been hating my hair lately. It's at that awkward stage and I
don't want to shell out the cash to get it styled pretty.

Deanna- I always forget! Every year I get a nice burn, I should really know better by now. Luckily it hasn't peeled yet...maybe it won't? Fingers crossed :)

Kat- Welcome, doll :) I follow your work on flickr, too! I just can't get enough of my fellow stitchers. I fear I might be addicted to my "netflix machine" lol.

Becky- Thankfully, it only hurt a tiny bit this time around. I need that old school sunblock girl with the bare bum and the dog tattooed on my so I remember from now on!