Saturday, June 18, 2011

Caturday Cinema!

Hey, guys!  How are you on this fine Caturday?  I'm great, enjoying a little family time before work this evening.  

Today I have something a little different for's a video!  Of my crazy cats!  It's my first video post, too.  How exciting.  It was taken quite a while back, March 2010 in fact, but it's too funny not to share.  The quality is not the best but now we have some kick-ass cameras and amazing future phones, so I have a feeling better movies will follow in the future.

I do have a disclaimer though, I sound like a creeper in this.  Totally sick at the time, I'm breathing like a crank caller from a bad horror film.  Enjoy!

So, yeah, these are my little crazies.  Doing what they do best, trying to one-up each other for the more interesting spot to sit.  That is, until someplace better comes along 5 minutes later and the game starts all over again.

Have a great weekend!  I'll check in again very soon...sooner that you might think.  Happy crafting!


Regena said...

cute. and you don't sound like a creeper. I cackle, be grateful. LOL
Is that a flickr upload? I see that we can do that now.

Alyssa said...

oh this is just adorable!! there are cats popping out all over the place!
I love cat videos so much (not just coz i can totally see myself being a crazy cat lady) because they cannot be set up. you can train a dog to do tricks but cats are so wise and will just do random things and random times :)

Becky said...

HAHA! Love the tail-biting! Sweet/silly kittehs.

Lisa said...

Oh dear, I really love cat videos. Ok, it's official. Your cats are the cutest bunch of goobers ever (don't tell my cats I said that, they'd disown me!). I love that they're so playful with one another, and in the waching machine, to boot!! Silly kittys = Awesome.

p.s. you don't sound like a creeper at all :o)

MafiosaGrrl said...

Regena- yep, on flickr. Never bothered with videos on there before, but I think I'm in love now.

Alyssa- That's what gets me with this one too, they're coming in for all angles here :)

Becky- Isn't Boris silly? Chunk is just watching them, like, ugh these crazy babies.

Lisa- Don't worry your secret is safe with me. They have all sorts of silly spots, I'll take more video soon :)