Saturday, June 4, 2011


Hey, guys!  Off work and loving it, I get a weekend day with my honey tomorrow, so I'm excited.  Even if we don't do anything crazy fun, it'll still be nice.  It's rainy here, so we'll probably just escape long enough to walk the dog, come back home and watch too much Dexter.  (Love that show!)

I was trying to take some photos this morning, quick before work.  Of course, that got the attention of my little trouble maker, Boris, who was asleep in the next window over.  The second I moved something, he was right there to investigate.

"This doesn't go here, lady!"

Then he proceeded to sit in the dirt and crazily rub all over my poor little plant.

So, I'm thinking, great, I have a crazy cat and now he's taken a shine to this thing.  Thankfully he didn't start to eat it, just rub.  But man, I thought he was going to break it!  So, I kept grabbing him and bringing him in the other room.

Then it became a game.  I'd move him and he would race back and jump back up. 

Eventually, he became bored with the plant destruction.  Then he wanted to see what was going on up on the window sill I was photographing.  This was taken seconds before he pounced, knocked a bunch of stuff over and freaked out.  Life around here is always eventful. 

This guy keeps me on my toes, he's certainly a little busy-body...and very insistent!!

Do you have stubborn little beasts too?   I'm lucky that Chunky and the little girl, Natasha, are such good little kitties.  Three naughty cats would drive me batty!

Hope you guys have a good night, I'll check in with you tomorrow.  See you soon :)


Zombie Leah said...

"But mooooom, I loooooooove it!"

LOL! What a cutie! Cats crack me up. :)

Megan said...

Can I just say I LOVE your Caturday posts? Love them! I just have one, and he definitely is a naughty cat.

MafiosaGrrl said...

Yeah, he's nuts. I'm always laughing at something silly he's gotten himself into :)

Thanks, Megan. Caturday certainly didn't originate with me, but I love it too. Any excuse to show off the babies, right?! LOL

Voe said...

The teatowel is lovely, I wish I coul sew like that. Your cat is so cute! Mine is very naughty too.

All the best,

MafiosaGrrl said...

Thanks, Voe! Stitching's pretty easy, just takes practice. You'll get there :)