Thursday, June 9, 2011

Couldn't Resist.

How could I pass this up?  $2 in the remnants bin!  Yes, come to Mama little fabric, I'll give you a forever home.
I did feel a bit guilty though.  As I got out of the car I had said, "I swear, I'll be quick....I won't even get any fabric!"  However, I justified it as it was already cut and priced....and even cheaper than a fat quarter for 1.5 yds.  My guy didn't mind's beer, how could he?  In fact, I think he mentioned something about making something for him.  Guess he likes the craft store sometimes after all!

Any suggestions for me?  I need ideas!  


Megan said...

Cuuuute! Let us know what you do with it! LOL a Koozie? my ideas suck.

Regena said...

you have a yard and a half?
BBQ apron and bbq mitts
a few beer coasters and a beer can cozy
party style table runner/cloth
Hawaiian shirt
jammie pants

lifemyway said...

I was gonna say beer cozy but Regena's on top of things. Lol. I love the fabric though. I wouldn't of passed it up either.

MafiosaGrrl said...

Thanks, ladies! I love craft talk :)

Seems like everyone is about the cozy, lol. I'm still undecided, but that's typical me. Takes a long time for me to make up my mind. I'm always afraid to ruin my fabric, must be why my stash is huge.

Regena- No boxers...elastic scares the heck out me! I wouldn't have to first clue what I was doing and I'd end up killing Ol' Bessie, my sewing machine, lol. I'll leave the super expert sewing to you :)

lisa leggett said...

King size mug rug! Big enough for a big old frosty glass of beer and a big handful of of pretzels :o) And a beer cozy, I like that idea too. Yay, rad fabric!

MafiosaGrrl said...

Lisa- That's a good one, I've been wanting to make one of those things. But I have no idea what kind of betting to get, suggestions?