Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Pin-Up Party!

The Pin-Up Embroidery swap organized by Snifferooski was a huge success.  Those of you who joined me in it, wouldn't you agree?

I made this one for my partner, while I was in Michigan.  I used the Pin-Up Pattern from the gals at Sew Lovely Embroidery.
Since I had to scan it, the pattern on the fabric is much more evident than it is in person.  Of course, I had to get some Metallic floss on there, oh shiny!  And I also used Rayon floss for her stockings, so they have a nice silky, gleam to them, too.

For that swap, Raegun83 made me this gal.  I think it is a Sublime Stitching pattern.  She also used Metallic and Rayon floss.  Great minds, huh?

When I arrived home, I found my package from Cleof for the "Embroidery in Red" Swap.  And guess what she stitched me?  A Pin-Up!  Funny how that all worked out.  Here's her lady, another Sublime Stitching one.
Don't you just love those gemstones?  I sure do.

Today I'm stitching like crazy, all swap stuff.  I'm going to have quite a bit of mail to send out pretty soon.  What are you up to today?  Anything fun?

Thanks for looking.  Have a craftastic day!

p.s. Thanks for tolerating my lack of nice pics lately, we should be taking care of that soon.


Lisa Leggett said...

Your pin up is great Jackson! Love the stockings and the little bows on her shoes! This was a great swap, I've enjoyed seeing what everyone else made/received. Thanks for turning me on to swap-bot, I've done 4 other swaps since this one!
Yeah, feel free to use any of my pictures :o)
Have a great night!

Croaking Crown said...

Your stockings are fantastic. I'm starting to think I cheated on mine. :) I just finished the stitching on the blue work quilt block last night I just need to get it packaged up.

Carrie said...

i love them all! such great stitchers out there.