Friday, March 26, 2010

Snapshot Friday!

Hello!  Welcome to a very special edition of Snapshot Friday.  Today's photos are brought to you by Kira from Oops!  I Craft My Pants.  She was nice enough to send in some lovely vintage photos of her family.  Thank you Kira!!

Kira informed me that she's from a very large family.  Her great-grandmother had 18 kids.  In 1957, she was awarded the title of Mother of the Year for the state of Montana.  They were even featured in the Saturday Evening Post, how cool is that?  That means Kira's dad is one of 65 grand children!  Wowee, that's a lot of names and birthdays to remember.

Check out some photos from the Rieger Family Reunion in 1959.
(Click on any picture to enlarge it.)
And now, the ladies only.

Now for a few older ones.

This is her great aunt, Ellie, relaxing with her dog.

And last but certainly not least, Kira's favorite!  (And mine too.)
Kira explained that this picture was taken in the 1940s at a family gathering.  There was a contest to for all of the ladies in attendance.  Each had to tell a "sob story" about why their life was the absolute worst.  Whoever won was to be crowned "Queen for a Day", isn't that great?  I love it.  She informed me that her grandmother, "the one on the right, with the smirk", was a runner-up.

  This was the first time anyone has ever submitted photos for Snapshot Friday!  It was quite exciting to share something with you that was new to me as well.  So, a big thanks to Kira!


Lisa Leggett said...

Wow such neat snapshots! I love how the ladies all look so, well... ladylike in their pretty dresses!

Kira said...

:D Thanks for using my snapshots! :D

I'm glad I could share some fun stuff for your awesome weekly feature! I always love reading your blog, and not just on Fridays!

Sam said...

Very fun! Thank you both for sharing :-)

MafiosaGrrl said...

A big round of applause for Kira!----->Thanks again doll for your great photos. They make me long for the old days when all the dames wore dresses and the all the glasses were cat-eyes (like mine) :)