Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I was tagged by the lovely and talented Kira of Oops! I craft my pants.  That means I get to tell you guys seven random things about myself and then choose seven more people I wouldn't mind knowing a little more about.

Ok, away we go!

Uno-  I was born and raised in Niagara Falls, New York.  And despite the nearness to the border, I am definitely what you would call a stereo-typical New Yorker (I know some of you are thinking, "uh yeah, I wouldn't brag about that.)  I'm loud!  At times, a bit crass.   I'm a fast walker and a fast talker.  I'm highly opinionated and not afraid to show it.  Basically, everything you can think of except for the whole wearing black everyday thing.

p.s.  Oh yeah, I'm a Yankees fan too.  I hope we can still be friends.

Dos- I'm German and Irish.  I love potatoes and hate cabbage.  I'm also Native American- Cherokee.

Tres- I returned to crafting about 3 years ago after approximately a 10 year hiatus.  For some reason when you go to school for art, "they" try to convince you of the inadequacy of hand crafts.  While it's "kitschy" and "folksy", the "Crafty Cathy's" of the world are not and will never be "real" artists.  WTF?  I strongly disagree with this and have spent the last few years creating a balance in my life between the fine art world and the hand craft world.  To the chagrin of my teachers I love to incorporate things like embroidery into my projects.  Hey, the way that I look at it is professors love to go on about the importance of the Bayeux Tapestry but last time I checked that was still needlework.  So I don't know why they are so quick to put down the craftiness.

Cuatro- I love cooking and it shows (on my waistline).  I'm lucky that I have a man who also likes to cook but I honestly don't mind spending a few hours in the kitchen making the house smell good.  
Especially since we've got The Beast.  I love my stove so much.
Bonus confession:  While cooking I like to enjoy a glass of wine and listen to cheesy music, like the soundtrack to The Godfather or old school love songs.  Really, I am that silly.
 Here's a favorite of mine:

Cinco- Although, most of you folks probably found me because of my love for embroidery or ATCs, I am actually a painter.  Well, I should say I'm trying to be a painter.  I've used acrylics for years but would like to venture outside of my comfort zone and learn oils.  I haven't really shared that side of me on here, except for a sketch or two.  I think I'll change that.  Maybe it'll help me to be a bit more productive.

Seis- I love a nice, stiff drink.  My preferences come in spurts.  Sometimes I'm in a Jimmy the Gent kind of mood, wanting nothing but 7 and 7s.  Other times I feel like The Dude... White Russians all the way!  Nothing too foo-foo for me.  (Yes, I do liken many things in my life to movies.  I quote a few everyday.  At least a dozen times.  In this case, Goodfellas and The Big Lebowski.)

Siete-  And last but not least.  I love crime shows and movies.  Give me a First 48 or Law and Order marathon to stitch to (and the aforementioned cocktail) and I'll be happy.  In fact, I'm such an SVU junkie that the kitties, Natasha and Boris, were almost Benson and Stabler.  However, the man said that Natasha didn't seem like a Benson, that she wasn't feisty enough.  Oh well, maybe someday.

Mmmmmmm, Stabler.

Now it's my turn to pick!

Well, that was a lot!  Do you feel like you know me a little better?  Anything you want to know that I didn't address?


Kira said...

I love your 7! I appreciate that you used the word "crass" (one of my favorite words ever) and "Amado Mio" is one of my favorite songs, too! I would totally enjoy seeing some of your paintings. Considering the awesomeness of your embroideries and papercrafting, I'd bet your paintings are out of sight! :D

TheresainMS said...

Ditto on the MMMMM for Stabler!

You and I would be quite a pair trying to have a conversation. I'm a true Southerner with the slow drawl and 'what's the rush' attitude? You'd be wanting to rush me and I'd be wishing you'd slow down LOL! Oh well, the world would be SO DULL if all of us were exactly alike, right? Thanks for sharing all the details; I feel like I know you better now.

I'm also a crime show fan but would rather read than watch television. Anything by James Patterson, J.D. Robb, Patricia Cornwell...so many faves!

Have a great week!!

Giggly said...

Your 7 things are great! I feel like I know you a little more! :)

Sam said...

It's great learning a bit more about you. Definitely show us some of your paintings! And your stove really ties the room together :-)

Now I have to think of seven equally interesting things....give me a few days....

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the tag...I'll get right on it! It's great to find out more about you :) xx

MafiosaGrrl said...

I'm glad that my seven was a hit! Thanks to the lovely ladies playing along. I'll definitely start adding my paintings to here, that way you guys can see my secret life.

@ theresa- you crack me up! you would certainly tell me to slow down. One of the owners at my man's work is from georgia, and I love talking with her. her accent is just darling and it makes me feel so relaxed talking with her :)

artymess said...

Hey loved your sevens then had a shock that you'd chosen me to do my sevens .......mmmmwill give it some thought and post them up soon ........Lorna