Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Posty Post.

Some cards I've received lately through Postcrossing.

I finally got a handmade one!  She really nailed it on this one with the pin-up.

I had never seen a tall, skinny card like this before.  I love it!

Lucky me!  Mail is the greatest!


artymess said...

hi I'm from Wales and would love to know where this is ? ( I live in England now though ) It was St david's day on March 1 thats the Patron saint of Wales ........Lorna

MafiosaGrrl said...

hey lorna- it say that these are the Cascades in Gnoll Country Park. It's so gorgeous I would love to see it in person someday!

artymess said...

Oh I don't believe that !!! I used to live near the Gnoll and used to walk through the country park every day going to school . There are a few lakes there but I didn't know there were waterfalls there too how amazing .....At one time there was an outdoor swimming pool my Mum used to swim in it but it was disused when I was a child .........I also used to walk my dogs there ....What a small world ( Gnoll is in Neath South Wales ) ........Lorna

Micaela said...

i really love the hand made one but i might be biased because she's my twin ;) she was SO excited to make that one for you. She's the better part of me xo