Thursday, March 18, 2010

Top o' the Morning To You!

Hello all!  I hope that everyone had an enjoyable (safe) St. Patrick's Day.  Mine was great.  I feel like I must tell you that after last night I may have to change what I wrote in my 7 Random Things post.  I actually don't hate cabbage, not any more.

We visited one of our favorite pubs, conveniently located right up the street.  It's restaurant serves up traditional Irish grub like Kerry Pie and Bangers.  However, if you ask for anything other than Corned Beef on St. Paddy's Day you're likely to get laughed out of the place.  Because of it's long standing history as an eatery 'round these parts, it's not uncommon to see generation's of families dining together.  

A few weeks ago I noticed a little gem tacked to the bulletin board near the dartboards.  The old "draw a picture while you wait" tactic must have been employed while some hungry little diner was getting impatient.

Please excuse the horrible cellphone pic.

The first night I saw it I could not stop glancing over at it and smiling.  I knew then what had to be done.  I'm sure Dillon just thought I was an idiot, as did everyone else sitting near us at the bar when I proclaimed my love for it aloud.  Oh well, they just don't know a good thing when they see it.

Yesterday I whipped up a more lasting version of this masterpiece for my favorite Publicans down at The Black Rose.

I used DMC floss and crayon tinted the horse.  It's in a 12 inch wooden hoop.  This is the first time that I've displayed a piece in a hoop like this.  I must say, it's easy and I like it.  I didn't bother to cover the back.  I figured it's going to be hung in a bar, no one will care what the back looks like.  And Dillon was smart enough to point out that some drunk person will probably throw a dart or two at it anyways.

I love that the horse is blue, especially considering the kid had other colors.  That's why I adore kid's drawings, they are so unpretentious.  They aren't trying to be creative, they just are.

Plus, this horse looks pumped to have a nice pint of Guinness.

How about you, do you find inspiration in odd places?
Thanks for looking, have a creative day!


Nicole said...

I love your Guinness drinking horse! I get inspiration from lots of things could be a story, a song, fabric, guinness drinking horses... ;)

Kira said...

This one's an LOL'r. I love it!

Lisa Leggett said...

This is just way too cool! I had to show my hubb, he's a total Guinness drinker! I bet the folks at the pub loved it!

artymess said...

I love blue horses that drink Guinness they are my mostest favourite thing.........Rocking.........another winner .
Lorna x
ps thanks for lovely comments on my 7 it was fun ....and I am intrigued and will wait for the post with excitement....mmmmmmm

MafiosaGrrl said...

Thank you for your nice comments on my horse of a different color. I'm sure the folks at the bar probably thought it was more strange than anything. like- really, she's going to try to one up a 4 year old. but i could totally see the picture getting ruined or thrown away and that would be a shame since it's freakin' awesome! hmmmmm, what silly thing to stitch up now?