Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Spatulas, Spatulas, Spatulas!!!

I spent Sunday making ATCs (pics to come!!) and working on my art journal.  While going through one of my collage boxes, filled with pretty little paper bits I've been saving, I found one of my favorite pieces of ephemera...ever!  I was at work one day and I knew I had to save it from being tossed aside with the rest of the recycling.  I mean really, who could resist this awesomeness?!

(Click on to enlarge.)

Aside from the lovely lady enthusiastically holding the wok and spatula, my favorite part has got to the the spatula saying, "bye-bye".  It makes me wonder where it is going.  I plan to do a whole series of ATCs and Postcards with altered versions of these images.  I can't wait to get some more ink, as I could never bare to cut the original, it's just too great.  Feel free to use these in your art too.  I would love to see what you come up with!

It reminds me of this- 

I think I just found the answer to the inevitable question I'll be asked later tonight- what movie are we going to watch, babe?
So, while we're on the subject.  What movie are YOU going to watch tonight, babe?


Mrs. Evils said...

Nice to meet you! I grew up in SR and still work there.
I see we also share a love of japanese objects that talk. I just went to Japantown and stocked up on some sweet stationary with a caterpiller farting the word "apple!"
Thanks for entering my contest!

MafiosaGrrl said...

Hi there! Your new stationary sounds awesome, right up my alley :) Thanks for the opportunity, it's very generous. I plan on doing a giveaway here pretty soon too, I can't wait it seems like it would be super exciting! I'm new to this whole thing so I think I will celebrate when I make it to 100 posts. Half way there. Better start posting more:)

Virg said...

Horay for spatulas! That's my boys image on Facebook. Hee. Spatula. Just so much fun to say. And so inspiring. Hmmm.

MafiosaGrrl said...

It is a great noun:) But all of this talk about spatulas is making me want pancakes!