Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sir Chunk Barthalameow Kensington Barnaby III

I have a super demanding cat.  When he decides that he wants attention he's not talking in a few minutes or later that day.  He means NOW.  Offended that I would even consider working on my art journal while he was in the room, he made me halt all crafting activities and give him my undivided attention.

Here he is furiously scraping the bits or paper in my collage box.  I was literally looking through the box when he climbed in, jealous of the scraps of paper.

The box was already precariously perched atop other boxes.  Then a rather larger cat was added to the mix.  It was not long before it fell over.  Yet, a lesson would not be learned.  This situation repeated itself several times that night.
Looking triumphant and going to sleep. 
Please excuse the chaotic scene, I didn't feel like cleaning up that day :(


TheresainMS said...

Heck, I wouldn't know what to do without snippets of paper all over the floor LOL! The cat is really handsome; hope you give him some attention soon :-) Happy Thanksgiving!!

MafiosaGrrl said...

yep, I don't mind messy. Lol, he get's tons of attention! I'm told that's why he's that way. It's my own fault, I made him a soiled brat :) Hope you have a lovely holiday Theresa!

TheresainMS said...

Checking back in to let you know about my upcoming giveaway. I'll be having a giveaway for my 100th blog post within the next few days so check in with me from time to time to join in on that. The prize isn't totally set yet but it will be a mixture of many different doodads and thingamajigs. I'll be posting my 100th post with my next post and all the details will be revealed then. This is just my way of giving back to the blog community who I have learned so much from. I've made some great friends through blogging and just want to say 'thank you' in blog lingo; best way to do that is have a giveaway! I'll also have new blog bling as I'm having a custom blog design installed and I'm totally excited about that!

Have a great day!!

MafiosaGrrl said...

That's awesome that you are doing a custom site! I tried to comment on yours the other day and couldn't even when I clicked on the day- Congrats to your hubby on quitting smoking, that's great. I realize how hard that is. Congrats on your 100th post! Doodads and thingamajigs are the best. Right now I'm also assembling my giveaway (also for my 100th- i'm copying you ;) I'm doing a papercrafting thingy and an embroidery thingy- since those are my two loves right now. Through these crafts I've gotten to "meet" so many cool people, so I wanted to do a little something for each group of friends :)