Saturday, November 14, 2009

Is this lame?

I made my first sale a few weeks ago!  Granted, it wasn't something I'd made, but it was exciting nonetheless.  Would have posted sooner but I'm still dealing with uploading difficulties.  I was also hoping to see some feedback from my customer, but that has yet to come.  When I decided to sell online, I was determined to be cute and individual.  I didn't want to spend tons on packaging, but still wanted it to be unique.  I figured, even if someone was just treating themselves, it would still be nice to wrap it like something special.  I mean really, who doesn't like getting a gift in the mail ?!  Even if you did buy it yourself, it doesn't make it any less special.

So, honestly, is my packaging super lame?  Or is it cute, like my dorky sense of humor would like to think that it is ?

BTW, I also lowered my prices earlier this week on the crafting jars listed in my etsy shop.  That way, the lovely folks shopping on etsy can keep more money in their pockets.  Just because I live in California, a ridiculously expensive part of the country, doesn't mean everyone else does.  I guess if it looks normal for here, it means it's too high for everywhere else.

This weekend I'll be uploading TONS of ribbon, trim, and buttons to my shop, mostly vintage!!  Check back if you are looking for that little special bit to add to your crafting project.


Anonymous said...

Super Awesome packaging! It should totally refelect YOU :)
Looking forward to checking into your vintage trims! Have a great weekend! xx

Mrs. Evils said...

Super cute! I don't really have any special wrapping that I use when I send stuff out. I always send a hand written thank you card/note and promos like magnets, postcards, and buttons. I also send tiny weird crap from archie mcphee and the like. People always like getting stuff! Do you get extra business cards from the people that you trade
with? Those are always great to send out too AND you can promote your homies.
My husband just watched a video on youtube about "Ricky-isms" I was laughing my ass off. Can't wait to see your embroidery TPB sayings. I'm imagining "the shit apple doesn't fall far from the shit tree" and "don't cry shit wolf"

MafiosaGrrl said...

Thank you ladies! I'm glad you think it looks good.
Laurie- if all goes as planned I'll be putting them on there on sunday.

Mrs. Evils- I don't usually get extra business cards, but that's a great idea. Truth be told, I've yet to get my own cards. Shame on me, I know. Soon though, I know I need em.
As for the quotes, those are definitly in there! Currently, I'm working on one that says, "Mustard Tiger" (phil collins + mustard from cheesburger + 1 tiger shirt= Mustard Tiger)
I watched one of those videos just now, and I too was lmao!

barncat said...

I don't think it's lame at all, and I love getting gifts in the mail, even if I buy them myself. ;)

MafiosaGrrl said...

Thanks, I'm glad my packaging is getting good reviews. I don't feel like such a dork now :) Special mail really is one of the best things in the world!

Awestruck Angie said...

I LOVE the packaging. If I opened it, and saw that I would totally giggle to myself & think you were super awesome.

MafiosaGrrl said...

Thanks, it makes me giggle too. I wrapped Dillon and Jamaal's christmas presents like that last year but I don't think they got it. I think they just thought i was a weirdo :)