Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sam's Zine

Another project that I've never shared is the zine I made for Sam in the "7 Things in 7 Days" Swap.  The deal was you make something everyday for a week.  Then you make a little zine telling your partner all about your week.  It was tons of fun and was probably the most productive week ever!  I've shared some of the stuff I made that week already, like my hat and the arcade games.  The rest I'll show in a follow-up to this post.  I don't want to bore everyone to death all at once.

I decided to make mine more like an art journal and I loved the results.  It was huge!

I started by prepping the pages to match the item I was going to showcase.  Each page is made up of two 5x7 unlined index cards.  The front one is the funky, pretty side and the back one would have a picture of the item on it.  I glued them back to back, making each page pretty strong.

 Here are a few of the pages before I wrote anything on them.

Here's a few after they were finished.

This last one is my favorite one!

Again, some terrible lighting on this last group.  These were taken late at night.  Anyways, all the pages are held together by a metal ring in the upper, left corner.  Which works great since the pages were thick and some were oddly shaped.  I had a ton of fun making this!  Art journaling is something I've mainly admired from afar, but this swap definitely inspired me to do it more often!

What's your take on art journaling?  Yay or nay?

Speaking of swapping, I'm certainly getting in the mood to start up again.  However, I've got to get on the ball with my etsy first.  And I'm thinking about doing  my first craft fair this summer.  So those will keep me busy for a while.  It's ok though, it feels good to have bigger priorities.  On that note, I've got to get back to work.  The computer is a huge time killer for me!

See you soon, have a craftastic day!


Sam said...

I love, love, love the journal, and it's great to see pics of it in-the-making. You are awesome!

MafiosaGrrl said...

I'm glad it went to a loving home :) I had so much fun making it, and it's really helped me to open up in my own journaling style.