Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Blog Police

Hey, guys!!  I bet you're thinking, what the hey?! Didn't this used to be a craft blog?  What's with all the random pictures of cats and green benches?  Well, don't worry, the blog police came home for lunch and Officer Alwaysright wrote me a ticket for my lack of activity.   So, I'm back in the saddle again.

I've been stitching like crazy lately!  I've got so many things to show you, but first I've got to keep crossing oldies off the list.
I made this for a special lady I know.  Sorry, for the horrible picture.  Sometimes with presents, getting a picture is an afterthought.  I realize I don't have one right as I'm about to wrap it up and snap one quickly.  Obviously, with no thought to it's potential quality...or lack of it, haha.

I've been experimenting with painting the hoops, I rather like it.  Here, I just used black gesso, but it's matte quality was a perfect contract to the silver beads.  Yeah, you can't tell with the crappy photo, but that's actually green floss with silver beads.

Anyways, more fun stuff coming your way soon.  Gotta get back to work, I have an itch to stitch.  Have a craftastic day! 


lifemyway said...

The picture is actually not that bad. You can tell it's green thread. It is really nice. I love the idea of leaving it in the hoop as part of the art. Painting the hoop was a fantastic idea! It looks great!

* said...

i really like that and my name begins with k...cute :)

Elizabeth said...

this is gorgeous!

MafiosaGrrl said...

Thanks, everyone! It was a quick little project, but very satisfying. I'm going to try more with the hoop thing, I'll let you know soon :)

Sam said...

Ohhhh....how lovely! Great idea to decorate the hoop, too!

MafiosaGrrl said...

Thanks, Sam. Yeah, it was an easy (and cheap) way to finish it off! I really liked the results.