Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Flower Power!

Ok, so I promised Nicky and Becky that I would post this over the weekend.  However, I'm a fat liar.  My pant's are on fire as I type this.  There was just far too much celebrating going on for me to finish stitching it, so I didn't finish it until today.  Celebrating, you ask.... why, yes!  We were celebrating my birthday!  Not so much an excuse, but an explantion for my tardiness.

Yep, this pattern has been done a million times, but I thought I would try my hand at it.  The tinting was more of an afterthought, but it turned out ok.  My honey suggested it, and it did the trick.  Also, this was my first time using my new Q-Snap.  Baby, I'm in love!

Had to get that metallic floss in there somehow.  Always.

Not sure what I'll do with it.  Originally, I had intended it for someone who told me to surprise her.  However, it doesn't remind me of her at all.  It's much too Lisa Frank/60's.   I've been in pillow mode recently, so it'll probably be it's fate.

More on my b-day later!  It was such a fab time, can't wait to tell you.  Have a craftastic night, guys!


Regena said...

I know those are just some perfectly executed basic stitches, but I can't wait to learn how to do that. There is a dressform quilt I am just dying to make and it is all embroidered!!
too bad you don't give classes!!

Becky said...

OMG Jacquie this is brilliant! I love the shading. It looks perfectly sixties. And are you IN LOVE with your Q-Snap?!

boltandfrolic said...

bubbly florals stitched so lovely!! Makes me happy just looking at it : )

Awestruck Angie said...


MafiosaGrrl said...

Regena- you'll get there! Don't hesitate to ask me questions either, I'm here to help. Mollie of Wild Olive has had some good tutorials lately, also. You can do it, buddy!

Becky- you know that I am!!

Ellen- happy to make you happy :)

Angie- thanks, doll! Send me your new addy, I'm working on a little housewarming gift for you :)

Velma said...

this is beautiful!

Rookie Bebe said...

What is the color? Dye? Crayons? Colored pencils?
I saw someone else use crayons and it looks amazing, and so do your flowers.

MafiosaGrrl said...

Thanks, Velma!

Rookie- Thanks, this particular one is with colored pencils. I use crayons often though, too!