Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekend Update

This weekend was pretty productive for me, not so much crafting wise, but productive none the less.  I took Friday afternoon off to get some errands done before the weekend.   Want to see my weekend?  It was full of fun stuff, I'll show you.

After the adult, real life business, like banking, I got down to the fun stuff.  Like swinging by the library for some goodies and then stocking up on stamps.  Yay, stamps!
Celia is my favorite one, she was so amazing!

 On the walk home I passed by one of my favorite benches.  It's not too much to look at in this photo, but trust me it's pretty wonderful.  Oh, how I would love to have a huge green bench made from tiny, green tiles.  *sigh*  So many greens in this picture too, I love green!

Luckily my walk took me past Sift Cupcakery, so I could stock up on some essentials.  Here, we have a Stud Muffin, a Carbomb, and an All For The Cookie.  Yum, yum in my tum-tum.

On Saturday, I found this amazing little photo while sitting at my desk at work.  My second job is at an appliance parts store, so there are tons of little bits lying around that pay homage to old washing machines and such.  Isn't it pretty great? Just wait until I show you "The Wall."

 Then I played Suzy Homemaker for the rest of the weekend.  Shopping, scrubbing and cooking were all on the agenda.  I think I experienced what pregnant ladies like to call "nesting."  

At the store, the guy read off everything but olives.  I swear, it's on purpose, poor thing is so terrified of an olive smooch.  Or maybe it's because I couldn't be bothered to put a "s" on the end while I was writing the list.  I can spell, I just can't proofread, ha ha.  I had no intention of buying just one olive.  (And although I do love the name Olive for a little girl, I also wasn't trying to pick one of those up at the grocery store.)  Anyways, he reminded me at the last possible second.  Perhaps hoping that I wouldn't jump out of line to run and get them, I'm weird about that. However, I love olives that much.  Made is back with seconds to spare...and with a bottle of pink champagne, too!  Ha, I'm good.

Told you I was a busy girl!  And there's more but I don't want to torture with every boring little detail.  I mean, I'm already pushing it with shopping lists and random green benches.  For getting so much done, today I am rewarding myself with much needed arts and crafts time.  A little stitching and a little painting are in order. Perhaps, popping open that pink champagne I mentioned earlier?  Hmmmm.

Hope you had a great weekend too. Have a craftastic day, see you soon!

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