Sunday, March 27, 2011


Whoops, had planned to schedule this for Saturday, but apparently, uh, didn't.  Some day I'll get my act together.  Someday.

This is how Boris likes to eat his food.  Hence, the plastic deli container.  Many a cute ceramic dish and plate have been chipped due to his constant battery.  In the morning or when they're empty, he flicks at them over and over again, to make a ton of noise & show us where the food goes.  Sometimes he completely flips them over and pushes them all the way into the bedroom.  You know, just in case we didn't realize it's time to get up for the day. 

Then as soon as you pick it up, off he runs to where we keep the food.  Meowing, saying "Follow Me!!!" the whole time.  It's pretty funny how obviously demanding he is.

As cute and quirky as it is, there are downfalls to this way of eating.  The other kitties have to deal with these ugly bowls until we build a rack to hold all three bowls.  Because, of course, Boris can't claim one bowl for himself.  He prefers to sample from all three.  Therefore, all are subjected to the flick, flip, and dump method of eating.  
Also, the dog has been scolded so many times for sneaking kitty food that he sticks to stuff on the floor....well, for the most part.  So, anything that Boris leaves behind is fair game.  And that's a lot, because rather than chow down, he'd rather flip it over and have two bites.  

Silly kitties, I'll never understand 'em!!  Do your kitties have strange eating habits?


Megan said...

What an adorable little boy!

MafiosaGrrl said...

Thanks! He looks so sweet and innocent, however, he's a terror. But you just can't stay mad, he's too lovable :) And a nuzzler- who can say no to a kitty that wants to cuddle, lol.

Lisa Leggett said...

Great Caturday! What a naughty boy, but how could you stay annoyed at a face like that? I love the first picture, it's like I can hear him saying "...whut?" Hehehe... gotta love em.

My cats are obviously demanding too. They both hang outside our bedroom door in the mornings and when we sleep late, Chyna lets us know it. She does this funny little double-meow. The first one little, the second one LOUD. Always two and always in succession, over and over again... "meow-MEOW, meow-MEOW, meow-MEOW" It's kinda cute in an aggravating way, ha.

Anonymous said...

awww very cute! my cat meows and meows til i walk over to her food dish and shake it...THEN she'll eat, crazy cats!

MafiosaGrrl said...

Lisa- My kitties are overly vocal too! It's like they're yelling. Also, it's like babies, each meow means something different, lolz.

Anonymous- Ha, the ol' bowl shake. Just moving the bowls around here is enough to wake them up from a dead sleep :)