Sunday, March 20, 2011


 Everyday is Caturday 'round these parts!!  So even though I was going to post this yesterday, I figured it'd be alright today.  Hope you don't mind!

They grow up so fast.  Look how tiny Chunk used to be!  This photo was taken in June, 2007 just a few weeks after he was born.  Probably shortly after the babies opened their eyes for the first time.  (We knew he'd be a biggun- look at that paw!)

Now look at him, he's huge!  Here he's completely filled, if not overflowing, from a medium flat rate box from the USPS.  That's one big kitty!  Poor guy has a snaggle-ear from an altercation with the neighbor kitty, but I still think he's very handsome.

I'll have to figure out some way showcase our handsome pup because he often gets jealous of the kitties.  If he knew I was posting this he'd be huffing and puffing up a storm.  Seriously, he sighs loudly every time the cats are being pet.  It's hilarious.

Had the best thrifting day, can't wait to share my finds with you- pics coming soon!  Hope you enjoyed a lovely, craftastic weekend!  What were you up to out there in the wide, wide world of crafts?


schinders said...

dog days of summer?

MafiosaGrrl said...

Yeah, I was thinking Dog Day Afternoon. Shows that I love my dog plus Al Pacino and John Cazale!!

Becky said...

What a sweet kitty. Where is he about to mail himself? I swear the best treat you can give a cat is a cat-sized empty cardboard box!
Can't wait to see your thrifteds..

Becky said...

Chunk is HANDSOME!!! You could mail him to meeeeeee ;)

I spent Caturday and Sunday reading the interwebs and trying to learn all I can about Craft Fairs. We did 3 last year and I learned by doing but reading other folks tips is superbly helpful.


OMG, he's gorgeous, and looks like he could be the brother to 4 of ours! You will have to check out my post as you will get a good laugh from one of our fe-LIONS. Such FUR-ocious creatures!

Megan said...

New follower here! Thanks for commenting on my blog! Good luck with the giveaway!

I looove the pictures of the kitty cat! He's a handsome boy! I love his name.

MafiosaGrrl said...

Becky- He is all about the boxes, even tiny ones! If he can't fit in them, he just crushes them. It's hilarious.

Becky- Oh, you're braver than I am. I've been wanted to do a craft fair but haven't gotten up my nerve enough yet!

Needlewings- I pop by and check it out. I love all kitties, but for some reason I've always been partial to the orange guys. I do call him my little lion :)

Megan- Welcome! Thanks for following :) You'll get a kick out of his full name- Sir Chunk Bartholemeow Kensington Barnanby III. My roommate named him, he's not really a III he just thought it sounded more regal. Ridiculous, huh?