Monday, March 14, 2011

Heavy Heart

The past few days I've been thinking about this sweet girl.  Her name is Masami and she stayed with my family for a summer when I was in high school.  I'm hoping that she and her family are faring well in this difficult time.  Give what you can, every little bit helps.


Lisa Leggett said...

Oh boy... it's so hard to see all the footage of what's been happening over there. It literally took my breath away, as I'm sure it did to them as well. I'm hoping with all my heart that your friend is ok, Jacquie. Sending positive vibes, oxo.

MafiosaGrrl said...

I know, it's so heartbreaking. We happened to be up late the night it happened and spend hours watching the initial footage. It just seemed so unbelievable.

I'm hoping so too, I've sent a emails to her and others but haven't heard anything back. I'm sure they have bigger things to worry about than checking in on the computer. Thinking happy thoughts!