Friday, October 1, 2010

Snapshot Friday

Snapshot Friday has been a bit lacking lately.  What is normally a relaxed day to kick off the weekend has turned out to be my busiest day this month.  Unfortunately, poor ol' Snapshot Friday has suffered for it.

This week's selection comes from an old pal, Awestruck Angie.  Well, she's not old.... I've just known her a long time.  She was kind enough to share some wedding photos with us.

She's not sure who the happy couple is.... but everyone loves a good wedding!  Right?  Especially one with a Volkswagen.  Cute, cute.  Thanks, Ang.

If you are want to share some old photos, drop me a line at Mafiosa{at} or which ever site you know me from flickr, Swap-bot, FB....whatever works best for you!

I hope everyone enjoys a good weekend!  I know mine will be awesome... I'll tell you why soon.

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