Tuesday, October 5, 2010

October's Goals

 Well, it's that time again.  When I share with you things that I have planned for the month. 

Before I get to it though, I figured we ought to address last month's goals, right?  Well, everything worked out splendidly except when it came to blogging 5 times a week, stocking up my etsy and having the stitchy group meet-up.  I have no one to blame but myself, however, I'm not going to waste time on negativity.  The way I look at it, if everything is easy then I'm setting my sights too low.  

I guess it really comes down to time management- making the time to get things done.  I fall into the trap of "Well, as long as I'm still getting something productive done..."  I counter feeling bad about not reaching last month's goals by pointing out all of the other stuff I did get done.  Yet, it seems that setting goals means nothing if I don't get there.  So, time for accountability.  (Well, that sounded...grown-up.  Ick.)

As for the stitchy group, I'm not giving up on this yet.  I figured it was best to wait and see what my new job schedule was going to be like before I made plans.  I would hate to have to flake out because I had to go to work.  However, I did design fliers and would love you guys to check them out.  I'll post 'em and you tell me what you think, deal?
In October, I will:
* Finish 10 Christmas gifts
*Make kitchen curtains
*Sand our end tables (and collaborate with Dillon on designs)
*Work on business cards
*Make 2 Toy Society drops
* Ready sewing cabinet and transfer design
*Make 5 etsy sales
*Actually hold first stitchy group meet-up

I'll also be working on the things that I failed miserably at last month- stocking etsy and blogging...regularly.  

Ambitious?  Yes.  Realistic?  Yes.  
I can do this!


Anonymous said...

Ambitious but YOU can do it! XOXO

SewAmy said...

you have a lot to do. But sounds do-able. I'd love to come to a stitch meeting.

AlwaysInspired said...

You can do it! I'm trying to be productive as well. Blogging really helps stay motivated.

Mrs. Evils said...

I always fall short on my blogging goal. 5 times a week would be so awesome. I even have the dang app so I could technically be blogging on a smoke break at work. Must start working on that. Still looking forward to the meet up.

MafiosaGrrl said...

Thanks for being so encouraging guys. I'm working on it. Already started on a few on the gifts.

Blogging helps me to stay motivated too. I see all the cool stuff on other people's blogs, then I want to make my own cool stuff, then I blog, then I look again. It's a vicious cycle :)