Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Playing Catch-Up.

So, there have been a few swaps that I've completed that I haven't had a chance to share with you.  Want to see?  By the way, I freaking love Swap-bot!

I made this for the "Embroidery Me a Fairy Tale" Swap.  This was a freebie pattern from doe-c-doe.
 I branched out a bit with this gem.  I was happy to find out that it survived the journey to South Africa.  Thank you, E6000, I love you!

On to the "Embroidery in Red" Swap.  Using a pattern available in the Space Case set from Sew Lovely Embroidery.  My partner hated pink, so it was a nice challenge to use only dark reds to pull this one off.  Love the way it turned out though.

Then there is this lovely lady, for the "Non-Cutesy Mermaid ATC" Swap.  Her tail is on a brad, so it swings inward to fit the dimensions of a true ATC.  Yeah, her arm hangs off but I didn't have the heart to cut it off a Sailor Jerry girl, so I told the future owner to do it with out telling me...if it bothered her.  I found out it doesn't...yay!

Most recently I completed the "Embroider Anything" Swap.  I made this patch, again with another Sew Lovely Embroidery pattern.  I love those gal's stuff...sew much!  The second pic is a truer representation of color, I don't know what happened with the first photo.

Well, that's everything so far, expect a lot more though.  I'm currently signed up for 3 embroidery swaps on Swap-bot alone.  Then there is the other crafty swaps and another stitchy one on Flickr...I'm going to be a busy girl!

Sorry about the late posts, an unseasonably cool day created a hankering for baked pasta and that stuff takes some time.  Oh, and hopefully I'll be done with the remodel soon so you guys don't have to second guess whether or not you're on the right blog.

Thanks for looking, I hope everyone had a craftastic day.


Laurie Anne said...

Lovin your new blog look! and your swap pieces are to die for! Love the fairytale piece and your space case is great!
What is swapbot?? I will have to look into that!


AlwaysInspired said...

Your embroideries are wonderful! I really like the red work.
Also I am in love love love with that mermaid ATC! Great work!

Corvus said...

I love the Sew Lovely piece and the tattooed mermaid! I recently bought a couple of Sew Lovely patterns and can't wait to use them (which is in itself unusual, as I tend to draw my own patterns).

Now I just need to figure out how to turn my own patterns into iron-ons.

MafiosaGrrl said...

Thank you!

Laurie Anne- I'm not sold on this look yet, I do know I want it brighter like this, but as for placement I might move more stuff... sorry :) Swapbot is a site where you sign up for swaps in the themes that you like and trade stuff with people... not direct trades though- assigned. Unless you do a 1 on 1 swap like me and Sam did for our Lewbowski pieces.

Always- I have a lot more cards in the work that will have lovely ladies, I'll give you the heads up when they're posted, we can trade! Btw- I dropped your name in my Craftster interview yesterday.

Corvus- Isn't Sew Lovely just awesome, I'm totally addicted I have all of they're patterns and I'm patiently awaiting more, lol.

As for turning your own into iron ons that's easy peasy! You can use a heat transfer pencil or a sulky pen...I've been noticing a lot of questions about this subject lately. I'll have to do a tutorial on it! Thanks for the inspiration :)

Lisa Leggett said...

Dang woman! Prolific!! You're rocking some pretty serious embroidery chops my friend! And always amazing, high quality stuff too! Stud.

p.s. You know what I think? I think YOU should put out some embroidery patterns of YOUR OWN design. I think you're pretty awesome. I'd stitch anything you came up with. Happily and without a seconds hesitation. You rock Grrl!

Nicole Follow the White Bunny said...

Awesome embroideries, especially the Hans and Gretel one is perfectly stitched!

MafiosaGrrl said...

Thanks, ladies!

Lisa- You are so cute, you crack me up! I'll be honest, it's something that I've been toying with for a while. Hmmmmm. Maybe, baby! You never know :)