Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I made this kitty for Connie as part of a swap we had.  She was kind enough to send me the largest Q-Snap you will ever see in your life.  It's made to be a floor stand for hand-quilting and I'm going to put it do good use.  Baby quilts here I come!  No, there are no little ones in our near future.  I just want to start small with my new hobby.

I found the canvas on sale at the craft store and fell in love with the circular shape.  I bought it with no particular project in mind, and now I wish I had picked up a few more.  Not for stitching though, it was a major pain as it was primed for painting.  Next time I stretch my own canvas for mixed media stuff.

Despite having a cute little dog named, Girlie, Connie loves cats!  Being a kitty lover myself, I wasn't lacking in cat patterns.  I used a vintage pattern that someone had shared in the Hoop Love flickr pool.  I've long since printed it out so I'm not sure who the original maker was, sorry folks!  Then I lightly tinted it with watercolors and stitched it for more definition.  I used Perle cotton and regular embroidery floss, divided into various #s of strands. 

I'm so glad that she liked it.  I'm always happy to send off things to a good forever home!  Speaking of which, I've got tons of happy mail to post about.  Including a package for a lovely lady from the land down under.  She will love me and hate me by time she get's the giant box of swaptastic stuff.  I decided to create one last goodie to make up for my tardiness and you know how that goes....takes forever.  I feel like the naughtiest swapper ever, I'll probably decline swaps for a year now!  Anyhow, more coming soon!  See you later, dolls.


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This is amazing!!!

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